Cosmic American Music Fest West 2017

For Immediate Release
Contact: Will James
Cosmic American Productions
September 21, 2017

Featuring on two stages: Rick Shea & the Losin’ End, the legendary Ronnie Mack, Lasers Lasers Birmingham, Son of the Velvet Rat, Michael Ubaldini & the Starshakers, Sara Petite Band, Coyote Moon, Mick Rhodes & the Hard Eight, Renée Wahl, Colonels of Truth, The Sound of Ghosts, Eddie Edwards & the Psychedelic Spurs, Mister Paradise, Jeremiah & the Red Eyes, and Grant Langston & the Supermodels.

Staring into the blank facial expression of a reporter to whom Gram Parsons had just tried to explain the various musical genres that comprise his vision and his music, Gram gives up, and finally just says, “It’s Cosmic American Music, man.”

That interview occurred over 40 years ago. What with the current plethora of labels all straining to define influences similar to those that inspired Gram, many are coming back to this off-the-cuff answer from the man himself.

It’s just Cosmic American Music, man.

Gram Parsons, an artist who defied—and despised—labels, is therefore credited with the genesis of “Cosmic American Music”—which, to use some old categories from when I worked at a record store, comprises a synthesis of country, blues, soul, folk, and rock all rolled into one sparkling package.

And Parsons’ vision ultimately became fully formed in Southern California, where these 15 bands will honor him with their take on Cosmic American Music. We believe that Gram Parsons would love every one of them.

Gram Parsons InterNational is in its 10th year of taking its unique traveling road show to cities across this country and beyond. The first year in Nashville was meant to push the spanking-brand-new “Petition to Induct Gram Parsons into the Country Music Hall of Fame” (which still lives and travels ever farther around the globe, with over 13,000 signers at

Since then our events have become a gathering of local cosmic tribes; we take the show on the road to feature regional bands that are in the legacy of Gram. We don’t book “cover bands”; instead we book bands we feel, and they tell us, continue to draw inspiration from the synthesis that is the canon of music Gram Parsons left us.

The shows, therefore, are not even called “tributes” (which usually feature one backing band and rotating singers); although you’ll hear plenty of Gram’s songs throughout (as well as Gram himself during changeovers), the artists named above play several Gram songs as well as their own, demonstrating the path each has taken in following Gram’s lead.


Date/Location: Saturday, October 14, Don the Beachcomber, 16278 Pacific Coast Highway
Dagger Bar state: 6:00 pm; Tiki Ballroom: 6:45 pm
Event page:
Free parking
This is an all ages show
Advanced seating reservations highly recommended. See
Interviews: Will James is available for interviews at the contact info above

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