Gram Fiction

I’ve noted on the post re: Gram books, movies, etc., without doing the actual research, there has been more written about Gram Parsons than any other person who died at 26. Someone countered with Anne Frank and King Tut, which I’m not even sure is true, but if so puts him in some amazing company. But how many “facts” can you wring out of one short, tragic life? (In Meyer’s case, 559 excellent pages worth.) But at what point do those facts become something more, a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? Ol’ Bill Faulkner once said that he didn’t give a damn for facts (obvious from his personal fictions) — just the truth. I have found that truth is usually best found through two things: art and science.

So having (I thought) read or seen just about everything on Gram, I recently came across an interesting item: a journal entry that is actually a short piece of fiction concerning Gram (although mind the disclaimer!) and a few of his chums we might also recognize. I found more “truth” in this dream-like story than much of what has been written about this artist who died so young. Enough of my verbosity: you can read it yourself at: Note: All fiction posted in this section is subject to the discretion and editing of the blog Administrator, please contact me first.

DISCLAIMER: The characters herein are intellectual property of the author’s of the fictional work. The characters depicted are loosely based on individuals to which they are the namesake. The characters are in no way, shape or form claiming to be a true and accurate representation of said individuals whom they are depicting. The author does not claim to be persons depicted in the works of fiction living or deceased. The author does not claim to know personally any of the characters living or deceased.

Posted in Gram Fiction by Michie Grass, “May Be the Last Time”
Posted in Gram Fiction by Michie Grass, “The Flying Burrito Brothers Have an Awkward Dinner at New Orleans Home”

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