Help Pay the Artists

This had originally been a GoFundMe attempt to help pay the bands after covering our costs; more is explained in the original crowdsourcing text below. It was obvious that it would not do well for various reasons. If you wish to contribute funds, any amount, that will be used solely to help pay the bands, there is a dedicated PayPal account: willjames [at] (which also saves the 10% that goes to GoFundMe). We will continue to do what we can, but our costs must be covered. Stay tuned for more. Thanks.

Also please view this slideshow retrospective that I had put together for the campaign.


Hello, I’m Will James. Many of you know me as the author/pusher of the Petition to Induct Gram Parsons Into the Country Music Hall of Fame , or from my Gram Parsons blog (see for background), and of course the Gram Parsons InterNational road shows I organize and run in various cities and countries in support of the Petition, which currently has over 12,600 signers from around the world.

The cause and the road trip shows have been my passion for eight years; we’ve taken the festivals from home base in Buffalo, NY, to Nashville all eight years, Toronto four times, Boston twice, Chicago, and now Los Angeles. In 2015 we covered over 7,000 miles in two countries, three cities and four stages to bring these one-night festivals to you. One historic (and not easy to accomplish!) moment of 2015 was getting Phil Kaufman, Pamela Des Barres, and Byrds road manager Jimmi Seiter on stage together to talk about their memories of Gram and those days!

But the stars of these shows have been the artists, who have been willingly playing just for the cause, as I have to take on all venue, production, promotion, and road costs. We do promote them, but – it’s just not right to not pay the players – over a hundred this past year alone – something for their effort and their art.

That has to change now if the Gram Parsons Tribute Tour Road Shows continue to play a city near you!

And that’s where all y’all come in!

We are so grateful to all who have come out to support the cause by attending a show. The appreciate audiences have been our sustenance.

But economic realities, for everyone involved, are just that, and it’s doubtful we can get by even one more year on attempting to break even on the road AND pay the bands.

Some who I booked as virtual unknowns, e.g., Sturgill Simpson, Lydia Loveless (note the new movie about her), and others gaining prominence such as Canada’s Whitney Rose (who is currently working with Raul Malo) are now beyond our financial reach (pics of all from GPI shows in the movie above). We intend to continue to find other future stars, but we’d also like to be able to book an occasional current “headliner.”

So. I’m asking you for a gift. Even a small donation will help; ask a member of a five-piece band what even an extra $10 means! Note: if this campaign fails and we don’t hold any event in 2016, all contributions will be refunded.

We already have some exciting plans sketched out for this year’s theme, which would be “Gram Parsons 70th Birthday Bash.” And if this fund drive goes well we plan to add a New Orleans show during which we’re also thinking about a graveside singalong to Gram, meeting at the cemetery where he eternally rests, with everyone attending singing “Farther Along.” But we can’t do it unless we succeed here first.

So. Please give what you can to support the bands, as well as the wonderful nights of great music in the great cities of this country and around the world. You’re not purchasing anything with this financial gift, just our word that we’ll do our best to meet our objectives for this year and more.