Below is my Gram Parsons InterNational sig file with related links:

“I feel qualified to say how together and slick The Gram InterNational Fest was. Every act, all very professional I might add, started and stopped seamlessly, all beginning and ending on time, quickly and efficiently sound checked, and supportive of each other. And why was this all so smooth you ask? Well the answer is Will James. If you’ve never promoted or organized an event you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you have then you should be in awe of how well things ran since you should know first hand that they usually don’t go off like this event did without a dozen train wrecks. I’ve been on both sides of the fence as I performed at dozens of these festivals and this one was right up there with the best of them. I was incredibly proud to be a part of it.” — Tokyo Rosenthal, The Tokyo Rosenthal Radio Show Host and Musician, November 2014

“Parsons would have turned 66 on Monday…. He lives, though, in trembling melodies, in book pages, in hearts on fire and on the hickory wind. ‘I feel optimistic that one day he’ll be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame,’ [Will] James says. … I share his enthusiasm for the music of a long-gone renegade.”
Peter Cooper, The Tennessean and currently Editor, The Country Music Hall of Fame, Nov. 2, 2012

“Listening back to [Parsons’] classic recordings … there’s no doubt he was a fabulous talent whose influence seems to get greater each year. The sixth edition of this annual Parsons tribute is expanding to two nights.”
Jack Silverman, The Nashville Scene (Critic’s Pick 2013)

“The Annual Gram National… and their petition site ( has the testimonials to prove that [Parsons] is perceived as more than merely a cult-status footnote in the annals of Country Music History.”
D. Patrick Rodgers, The Nashville Scene (Critic’s Pick 2012)

“I just wonder how the organizers of Gram National are going to top themselves next year.”
The Noise, Boston

“Gram National came to Beantown, kicked-ass and took names!”
Drew Townson, Analog Planet, Twang ’em High

“Holy, and shit. In that order. Gram National 2010 was an amazing two days of some the best music I’ve heard in a long time.”
Max Bowen, Citywide Blackout,

Bands I’ve booked for Gram Parsons InterNational:

Jim Lauderdale | Lydia Loveless | Sturgill Simpson | Jock Bartley | I See Hawks In L.A. | Dave Gleason | Bob Buchanan | The Burrito Brothers | Walter Egan | Jon Byrd | David Serby | The Jolenes | The Far West | Chris James & the Gram Band | Don Pedigo & Gram Persons | Girls Guns & Glory | The Famous | The Podunk Poets | PC & the Angels of Death | Patrolled by Radar | Sleepless Nights | James Scott Bullard | Regina Lanier | Don Gallardo & How Far West | The Coal Men | American Aquarium | Porter Hall Tennessee | Glenna Bell | BJ O’Malley | Chuckanut Drive | Kelsey Waldon | Jimmy Pizzitola | Jennifer Brantley Band | The Youngers | Allen Thompson | Joe Whyte | Brian Molnar & the Broken Hearts | Cosmic American Derelicts | Highway Ghosts | 25 Pearl | Loose Salute | Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch | Joe Maynard & the Musties | The Molenes | Ireland’s Lynda Lucas | Rockin’ Horse Rodeo | Twang ’em High | Derek Hoke | Jenee Halstead | Nora Jane Struthers | Anne McCue | Sarah Blacker | Maureen Kavanaugh | Emily Morwen | The Brooklyns | The Weisstronauts | Gilded Splinters | Rebecca Jed | The Marshtones | Big Tobacco | Whitney Rose | The Key Frames | Joshua P James & the Paper Planes | The Pilgrim Rose | Drunk Woman | The Unseen Strangers | Jacques & the Shakey Boys | Kate Boothman & Sunbear | Donna Frost | Sunday Valley | Devious Angels | Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels | Ernie Hendrickson | Rivals of the Peacemaker | The Lawless Brothers | The Hoyle Brothers | Majors Junction | Rich Mahan & the Cocktail Heroes | Cree Rider | High Fashioned Kings | Union Electric | Aaron Raitiere | Jerry Mincey | Jerry Leger & the Situation | Charlie Pate | Trevor McSpadden | The Molly Conley Band | Kayla Howran | GT Harris & the Gunslingers | Ray Harris | Jacques & the Valdanes | Lucky Mike & the Real Deal | Dani Nash | Natalie Noone & the Maybes | Ed Bridge | Jack Rugan | Michael McDonald | Leslie Basala | Mike Allen | Emma Caroline | Rachel Brown | Thor Platter | Last of the Red Hot Burritos | Brent Kirby | Zach Ryan & the Renegades | Rachel Brown | Billy Ray Herrin | Tokyo Rosenthal | Larry Sepulvado | Barry Tashian | The Shelby Bottom String Band | Local 164 | Northern Empties | The Lost Anglers | Billard Blossom | Bobby Dove (Montreal) | Mac Leaphart | Ron Dometrovich | Ben de la Cour (Profile/main Gram page) (Event-related) (RSS Feed from Petition) (Event page for Gram InterNational V Nashville) (Event page for Gram InterNational 2012 Chicago) (Event page for Gram InterNational 2012 St. Louis) (ND GP Group) (ND Nashville Group) (ND Buffalo Group)

The Tennessean (2012, by Peter Cooper):
Music News Nashville:
Boston Music Spotlight:
The Noise, Boston: (note: #4 on their “Top 10 of 2010” list)
Paste Magazine:
Nashville Scene Critic’s Pick (also Critic’s Pick 2009-2013):
The Tennessean:
The Pulse:

2014 (Event page for Gram InterNational VII Nashville) (Event page for Gram Parsons InterNational III Toronto

2013 (Event page for Gram InterNational VI Nashville: 40 Years Gone (Event page for Gram InterNational VI Nashville: 40 Years Gone (Event page for Gram InterNational 2013 Toronto) (Event page for Brent Kirby’s 10 X 3 Hosts Gram InterNational Cleveland (Event page for Gram InterNational 2013 Seattle)

2012 (Event page for Gram InterNational V Nashville) (Event page for Gram InterNational 2012 Chicago)


Los Angeles (Burbank):
New York:

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