To Purchase VIP Table Seats for Nashville Show

Seats will go on sale shortly for our 10th annual Nashville celebration, this year “Cosmic Ladies In the Legacy of Gram & Emmylou.” Event page: http://CosmicLadies.Info

To save you money on extra tkt charges, we’ll be using the same procedure as the past two years, using a dedicated PayPal page. The address will be [to be announced soon.]

For those of you without a PayPal account: PayPal is an easy to use and very safe method of financial transaction; please set up an account and link it to your back account. It couldn’t be easier.

I’ll allow those who aren’t set up yet on PayPal a couple weeked before I start taking orders. Looking at early September, two months before the show.

Seats will be fulfilled in the order I receive them based on time stamp. Simply:

  • Go to our dedicated PayPal page solely for this event at: [address to come]. The page has our box office manager’s name and an image of Gram Parsons.
  • After putting in the $ amount, go to the next page which will have a space for ADD A NOTE. Please supply your seat request in that space.
  • On the same page there is a checkmark box for Goods & Services. DO NOT CHECKMARK THIS BOX. There will be a sales charge if you do so.

No VIP table seats will be sold at the door, only General Admission (bar area) will be cash at the door.

Remember: Proceeds over costs will go to Bonaparte’s Retreat, but be advised: THE TICKET PURCHASE IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE (we are not a nonprofit; if you’d like to make a nonprofit donation, contact Bonaparte’s Retreat directly).

Stay tuned. To give you an idea on the seating chart we’ll be using, here it is. But wait for the starting gun, sometime early September.

Thanks, and can’t wait to see y’all again!


Will James