To Purchase VIP Table Seats for Nashville Show

Just follow the instructions below. If it seems too complicated (it’s not really), just contact me at will @ crookedlake. com. Seating chart is below.

Table seats are on sale for our 10th annual Nashville celebration, this year “Cosmic Ladies In the Legacy of Gram & Emmylou.” All tables seats are priced at $25. Proceeds over costs go to Bonaparte’s Retreat (Ms. Harris’s nonprofit; ticket purchases are not tax deductible however). Event page: http://CosmicLadies.Info

To save you money on extra tkt charges, we’ll be using the same procedure as the past two years, using a dedicated PayPal page. The address is:

For those of you without a PayPal account: PayPal is an easy to use and very safe method of financial transaction; please set up an account and link it to your bank account. It couldn’t be easier. If for some reason you won’t have a PayPal account, you have a friend who has one whom you can ask to help. 

Seats will be fulfilled in the order I receive them based on time stamp. Simply:

  • Go to our dedicated PayPal page solely for this event at:  (The page has our box office manager’s name and an image of Gram Parsons.)
  • After putting in the $ amount, go to the next page which will have a space for ADD A NOTE: Please supply your seat request in that space (based on the table number from the seating chart and numbers of seats requested).
  • On the same page there is a checkmark box for Goods & Services. DO NOT CHECKMARK THIS BOX. There will be a sales charge if you do so.

No VIP table seats will be sold at the door, only General Admission (bar area) will be cash at the door.

Remember: Proceeds over costs will go to Bonaparte’s Retreat, but be advised: THE TICKET PURCHASE IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE (we are not a nonprofit; if you’d like to make a nonprofit donation, contact Bonaparte’s Retreat directly).

The seating chart is below.

Thanks, and can’t wait to see y’all again!


Will James